The New World of Hair & Beauty

“The looks speak for themselves” 

For many during lockdown, there was discomfort around the upkeep of their regularly cared for hair. Whether this was a trim, shape, or colour; many were caught out missing well-groomed dreadlocks, nicely shaped afros, and fresh locks or plaited braids. With the whole country remaining at home, there are thousands of heads of hair in dire need of attention!  

As non-essential businesses were able to gradually reopen in July, existing salons returned, and new salons arrived – and so did WRENEW, to the rescue. You may be thinking… what is WRENEW?  

… We are a new booking and payment platform here to help to connect customers with hair and beauty professionals. With this app, you’ll have not only more visibility of, and confidence to visit the professionals in your local area, but also the pure ease and simplicity of booking in.  

If you’re not able to go to your regular one, how do you choose a new hair or beauty salon? With geographical challenges – partial, and full lockdowns along with social distancing guidelines, how can you choose the best place for you? Who can you trust, and how safe do you feel to be in close contact with another person doing your hair? The question looms: “is that salon following safety guidelines? 

We all know the process of trusting a new salon can be daunting – you are essentially trusting someone new with your identity. Whether for a simple haircut, bold colour, or a retouch, you want someone who can execute your vision. 

Reading reviews, looking at pictures, getting a feel for the salon, and knowing they are following guidelines has never been more important. All of this is possible through WRENEW, while also consciously supporting business owners that may otherwise be going unnoticed at a time when exposure is crucial for their business survival. 

You may even want to try a simple trim of blow dry before committing to a bigger restyle, as great haircuts go hand in hand with great relationships built over time and it is important to know the salon is right for you. 

It’s the experience and customer service between client and hairstylist that matters. Sure, you can get a haircut anywhere, but that familiar relationship, with that particular barber or beautician is what makes repeat clients. These relationships are a real key to keep clients coming back again and again. 

“The new world of hair & beauty” is now.

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