Richard’s Story, Where it Starts & Why

Today, WRENEW’s CEO, Richard Dawes, is here by design. An experienced entrepreneur who’s always had a business brain. Twelve years ago, he didn’t embrace technology to maximise the growth of a family business. Later his passion for utilising technology and frequent frustrations with barbershops came to a head. A learned professional, he enlisted Beji and Marius’s help, who had similar issues with nail bars and other services. Evolving from ‘Bookabarb’ (Book A Better Appointment Routinely Before) to what now stands as WRENEW.

Richard’s journey is drenched in years of painful queues, messages, promised appointments and ruddy parking tickets. I’m sure many of you can all relate. It’s a common issue in the barbershop marketplace. Customers and walk-ins actually spend more time and money on a terrible customer experience. This makes it difficult for barbers to maintain customer loyalty because customers may want to spend their time more wisely elsewhere. The writing’s on the wall for the male segment, undergoing significant changes and migrating online.

What causes these problems?

  • Volumes of messages before the service.
  • No shows after the messages
  • No time gained despite booking online.
  • Upon arrival, you still have to check the queue.
  • Parking at shop locations.

Embrace the underdog. WRENEW gets customers in and out of barbershops looking good and feeling better about the extra time they have in their day. Aspiring to be the most effective communication tool on the market. WRENEW disrupts the men’s grooming industry by allowing customers to populate a barber’s schedule, bringing transparency to queues, and maintaining appointment times’ integrity.

Such changes will enhance the customer experience while keeping barbers booked and busy with extra bread in their bottom line.

Richard has recruited a team of passionate, diverse and talented people to deliver a feel-good marketplace for lifestyle appointments for Hair and Beauty creative’s to thrive.

“Coming through this pandemic has revealed so much about myself, and at times, I’ve almost given up. Honestly, I feel like my entire hair journey has brought me to this point. Unshaven and mildly unkempt, I see an industry underserved, where customer relationships need two things, a style record and a better transaction experience.”

Duty-bound Richard’s team are forging unique partnerships with salons, barbershops, and beauty establishments. The WRENEW team are here to make the journey easy by connecting professionals with client lists.

Hard at Work

The deep root of Richard’s mission goes back to memories of a local family barbershop and its sudden closure. Finding a new community of barbershops was a big challenge, as there was no Google Maps at the time. “As a novice barber, this hurdle inspired Richard’s first side hustle”, not quite Slidercuts. Still, he built a reputation amongst friends and family. In college, his most influential client, DJ Pioneer, always gave him five stars. 

“Who would have known that this is where the seed was sown that inspired Richard to make a difference today.” Twenty years ago, with lower pay rates, hair establishments were less accessible and less help, many of whom closed their doors. 

As a black man growing up in South London, Richard frequently visited numerous barbershops to escape painful queues, including shops of different backgrounds for experimental purposes to gauge what’s missing. Research says, we waste up-to 48 hours per year per person waiting in such queues, so why do we give away time that we can’t dial back.

Now, WRENEW is here to help any size business grow. As Richard says,

“Creating WRENEW has a social purpose that goes beyond just making money. It’s about accessibility, making lives easier and embracing the talented people in this industry. Besides, we have a huge social responsibility arc within our model, which we look forward to unveiling soon.” 

Today, WRENEW are on a mission for booking efficiency at all costs. Richard is poised with fingers crossed, customers can get back into barbers and salons on the 12th of April for some essential self-care. 

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Richard’s Story, Where it Starts & Why

The seed was sown before google maps. In a time when the barber was less visible. Richard’s story starts as a novice barber, now forging a platform for the next generation.

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