It Started With A Diverse Team

Wrenew is a team of passionate, diverse, heroic and smart individuals all working together to create a trusted hair and beauty network.

Sure, we’re proud and excited to be putting the finishing touches to a platform that’s going to shake up and support salons, barbershops and beauty establishments. Make it easy to book appointments, make it easy to visit your local salon, and make it easy for that network to profit and flourish.

And that’s all great… But you can’t do that without the building blocks of a passionate team. Right?

As our Founder, Richard Dawes points out: “As a CEO, I assess the person’s skillset and ability to collaborate and most importantly inspire others. That’s good teaming”. He’s made sure that he surrounds himself with people he can trust, that will deliver, create and inspire throughout our journey.

So, what makes our team great? And why is assembling a diverse pool of talent so important?

The recent events that sparked the flame of the Black Lives Matter Movement have touched people worldwide. Shining a spotlight on the issues that affect so many people is massively important, and we can all do our part to make the change that’s necessary in the world. Embracing diversity, starting from within your workforce, sends a message out of acceptance, and we’ve been proud to adopt a culture of equality and balance in everything we do. Many tech companies have shared their support for the movement via numerous platforms, including GoogleGlovo and Trustpilot.

We asked the team how they felt about this movement and to share their thoughts:

Wrenew’s Founders: Richard Dawes, Marius Gulie and Beji Kedo

Richard, Entrepreneur & Visionary

“Together, we must address the systemic racism at all costs. For me, this means undoing the biases that have transferred into our personal lives from personal or workplace practices. It’s not action for action’s sake, it is following up and making decisions in-line with our values. As a proud black founder, diversity and equality is at the core of everything I do to lead by knowledge and example.”

Beji, Visual Creative

Small changes in behaviour will start to have an impact for a better future. Ultimately, education is the key, because ignorance can no longer be an excuse. If you’re not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Let’s do better!

Marius, Chief Technical Officer

“I want to see justice for all racial discrimination. This correction is for the betterment of humanity and will aid societal changes. As a professional migrant in tech, who has served for my country and made a life for my family in UK, I stand with my co-founders and the people to combat racism. A global movement is the only way to stamp it out.”

Jules, Full Stack Developer

“I think social media has exposed what’s been going on since I can remember, and mainstream media have played a role  due to their inactive reporting. They have failed humanity in a world that is now global and connected by the minute. The time is now, no more excuses!”

At Wrenew, we envision building a platform to make hair and beauty services more accessible to local communities. Now more than ever is the time for real change – it starts with your team.

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