Hair & Beauty Trends for 2021

2020 has undoubtedly brought about changes to the way we consume beauty; while trends are always changing, this year has brought about some totally new experiences and challenges. It really is an extraordinary time for hair and beauty professionals – business was halted entirely earlier in the year, we had a few months of COVID safe reopening, followed by the recently-finished lockdown 2.0. 

Of course, between the first lockdown and now many of us were able to get that much needed trim, colour, lash or nail infill (more likely a full set) – or hey maybe you gave DIY a go in the interim. 

Next year’s beauty trends are naturally going to be influenced by this – and perhaps the low key, low maintenance, or even DIY looks that can be upheld even without regular access to the salon will get more popular. 

We can already see some trends encroaching – a real ‘it’ trend at the moment seems to be fresh faced and natural look. Embracing the bare-faced, no-makeup makeup look. Enter features like dewy skin, glossy lips, lash extensions, and natural look hair. 

Plus, as masks and facial coverings become the new norm in everyday life – it’s all in the eyes! From classic extensions and brow lam to bold liners and colour blocking, there are a whole host of ways to express yourself using the top half of the face. We are even seeing influencers and celebs dissolve lip fillers. 

And when it comes to hair it’s where we’re really seeing people go for it… As Vogue recently put it: “what better way to escape the dark days of 2020 than with strategically placed pops of colour?”. 

When it comes to low maintenance, the ‘Bronde’, balayage look is an increasingly popular option for fed-up blondes embracing beachy look loose waves. 

For the more alternative or experimental, over the past few months we’ve seen cuts, punk looks, colouring – and even the comeback of the female mullet and shag. The total embrace of individuality and non-conformity. 

Regardless of the precise style, there’s an opportunity in 2021 for hair professionals to take advantage of this revival of quirk, eccentricity, and youthful rebellion. As salons and mobile services reopen there is a great chance to harness these developments to our advantage. Look at people, for example, who went for a buzz cut early in lockdown – there’s the choice of upkeep or growing it out and how to style or shape the hair to manage that process. The lockdown DIY look, made fashionable…

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