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Building a strong, motivated team for the long-term success of your freelance hair & beauty business requires mastering the art of collaboration. This will offer you and your clients trust in the salon experience you give, allowing you to focus on becoming an expert in your field e.g. working with Afro hair or European hair etc

Finding a salon that champions flexible working for freelancers is one to consider, as that is the way forward and working within a friendly environment means you can build relationships with other hairdressers and colourists. This allows for smooth running of your business and you having peace of mind throughout each week.

Finding the right hair salon to work with? The right team to be a part of?

Start to seek out opportunities. Are you having to turn away business because you’re full for certain treatments? Or are there new trends that you know could be an opportunity for you?

Look around to see if there are any areas where you could benefit from an extra pair of hands. Do you need to spend more time on the management side of things? Then hire a receptionist or work in a hair salon that has a reception facility.

Sign-up forums or maybe you’re feeling courageous to organise an IG live session with other professionals or your favourite customer with consent for that all time live review. No harm in putting yourself out there.

Figure out who you’re seeking?

What are the essential skills your freelance business needs to grow? Where do you see yourself in 3 or 5 years time? Look at it like this; Instead of focusing on just where you are now, consider where you want to go in the future and then hire the right person or people who will get you there.

Even when replacing a person who has gone, you are not compiled to replace them on a like-for-like basis. Take advantage of the opportunity to reassess your teams’ position. Who do you have and who would be beneficial to you, if you had them

So, you’ve done your research and have a vision for the ideal role. It’s now time to put that into words.

The right person or right partnership –

Everyone knows how difficult interviews can be, so make sure you’re as prepared as possible. Make sure you study their CVs and look at their previous work experiences to determine whether they are a good fit for you or not.

Asking some open-ended questions, about their last role, gives them space to share their opinions and you’ll learn a lot more about them. Also, whilst seeking the right person or people for the roles, do make sure that you can rely on them and trust them. This is an important factor.

But how are interviews taken these days, since Covid19? Many have switch to Zoom calls and now, since government restriction have eased up some businesses are doing face-to-face. So which one are you going to do? 

Have you thought of partnering up with a non identical solution where you might compliment each other? Creative ways to collaborate and expand your business is now more important to sustain business goals. Hackneys finest SLIDERCUTS and TRIM-IT are a testament to the above with their recent collaboration see here. Mark Maciver Founder and Barbers says “I’m at the stage where my chairs are filled up and we needed to expand our business and not necessarily the costs associated with opening another shop. TRIM-IT offer a mobile hair service, so this makes sense for us.”

TRIM-IT and Sliders Cuts Mobile Hair Collaboration

Search in the proper manner?

A job description is a fantastic place to start. The more concise and straightforward you can be, the better. The more information they have, the more likely you are to find the best person, to hire, for your freelance hair & beauty business. But first, If you were too apply for the position, what would you want to see? Knowledge and experiences, skills, expected hours of work and salary etc are all things to consider, as that will guide you in writing the job description.

Once you’ve finalised your job description, it’s time to put it out there and there are many options including word of mouth, social media, your own website and job sites.

Mindfulness, business and success

One more thing, spreading mindfulness, kindness and happiness to your clients and work place, as a freelance Hair & Beauty Business, is vital for expansion. As time goes on, building a personal relationship and making your clients feel connected to you, means they will earn your trust. It’s another important compartment to keeping them, as you’ll want to grow your clientele and get instant referrals. It’s the same with your team. Build a friendly, trust-worthy relationship and they’ll want to stay.

But let’s not forget about you. Mindfulness helps you maintain calmness in difficult situations and decreases anxiety.  It encourages a focus on what’s happening in the present moment, rather than reacting and being overwhelmed. It prompts better engagement with peers and more effective completion of tasks too. Always make sure you have a work/life balance and not do too much that you can’t handle. That’s why hiring the right people and collaborating with the right salon, will make your business run smoothly. For support on your business, check out Jennifer Louise- a salon marketing coach.

Interested in this blog post but want to know more about how to start in the Hair & Beauty industry, do read Creative Ways To Make a Start In Hair & Beauty? And to get clients efficiently, read Enter Wrenew… More Than Just a Booking Platform.

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Hair And Beauty Collaborations

Collaborating is a powerful tool for freelance Hair and Beauty businesses. It gives you a different perspective on your business and it can be easy to get stuck in a rut working for yourself, right? Now, it seems more and more freelancers are here to stay and Wrenew is here to support you. Let’s get too it…

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