Enter WRENEW… more than just a booking platform

Goodbye to normal

WRENEW is for the professionals 

We’re a booking and payment platform that connects hair and beauty professionals with clients in a unique way. 

Our way is to develop a network with the ultimate purpose of helping businesses of any size grow, by enabling new & existing clients to locate, select, and manage their hair and beauty appointments. 

Now non-essential businesses including salons are reopening, WRENEW is here to back professionals – as an increasing pain point for many of us right now is no-shows, so features like friendly appointment reminders are a fabulous means of reducing their prevalence. 

Similarly, with reduced capacity and waiting areas, the WRENEW live virtual queue has come at an apt time to oversee walk-in numbers and reduce overwhelm in-store. This, alongside cutting edge and contactless payments, puts the professional in a great position to work as efficiently and effectively as possible with ease.  

Of course, the platform also supports fundamental features like bookings, reviews, along with the nifty detail of WhatsApp bookings – to make your life that little bit easier. 

Simpler to find new clients and keep hold of existing ones. 

It is our mission to connect you with your customers in the way they want: quick, personal, and over their preferred communication channel. Land bookings directly into calendars, with a few messages. 

Beyond booking… 

Save time, save money, generate revenue, showcase your talent, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Support and visibility are important, regardless of if you’re just starting out or already fairly established in the industry. Honest reviews, repeat clients, and the like are incredible tools, as after all there is no better marketing than recommendations and word-of-mouth. 

Even the less straightforward things – support and advice on financial and legal, insurance, loans, health and safety, and more, all accessible for WRENEW users. We’re here to nurture industry pros and help you grow your business at any stage. Not only for booking and reviewing, but for learning and sharing…. By professionals, for professionals. 

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