Creative Ways to Make A Start in Hair & Beauty?

Thinking About Starting Out

From a side-hustle to becoming a qualified part or full-time hairdresser/ barber, where do you start? Freelance, mobile or getting hired by a salon, so how do you get your foot in the door? You can learn online, different ways to achieve an online presence and provide value offline. So here goes…

Freelance or mobile hairdressers are not a new phenomenon, but a tradition. In the past, you had to be employed by a hair salon, where clients would socialise and receive hair & beauty treatments. Nowadays, hairdressers are renting a space or seat, creating long-lasting relationships and delivering A-star results for their clients.

How Hair & Beauty Has Adapted?

It’s has been one of the most adaptable industries during the pandemic, and it has changed the way this industry communicates and operates. Universally, businesses have integrated PPE to increase hygiene standards. Significantly, 74% were using instant messenger, 41% started online video consultations and, 36% did online video tutorials. 

Look Who Did It

One name that will inspire you to take your passion to the next level is Owen Crossley. A recent college student who made it to the Association of Hairdressers and Therapists (AHT) National Finals. Constant practice and precision now see Owen as one of the rising stars to watch for 2021.

Owen Crossley AHT Winner

Tips and hints

  • Time and experience – will serve you well, take loads of photos
  • Online memberships – NHBF remain one of U.K’s go-to’s for industry support
  • Online hair and beauty courses at the LCBT London College of Beauty Therapy
  • A reputable supplier always helps check out Salon Direct
  • Training days with the likes of London School of Barbering 
  • Access and visibility for customers to book appointments online

Moving Forward in 2021, As a Qualified Hairdresser/ Barber

What we saw in 2020, you would choose between many online courses, attend lots of virtual events on Zoom and join Facebook groups. Post Lockdown, the Hair & beauty industry has become more diverse than ever, because you can virtually take it anywhere, and since we have a “roadmap to recovery” for this industry. That means more choices for you starting out. Hairdressers in Wales returned from the Mar 15 and has been successful to date.

The Key Lockdown Roadmap Dates

How Do You Make The Switch? 

Many have relished home learning and online courses at the LCBT London College of Beauty Therapy, one many who have supported the creatives during this lockdown. Once finished, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a certified and fully qualified hairdresser. Social media is the next place to establish yourself and create your online presence whilst developing your clientele list. Why? Because the online space is proving essential for new and existing clients. They are seeking inspiration and advice, watching tutorials and stories online. 

Customer Bliss

What Does Wrenew Believe?

The one thing that unites us all, it’s how the hairdresser and barbers make people feel and the experience they get when they are with you. Getting their hair blow-dried or having it cut by their trusted hairdresser or barber means every time they see you, they’ll feel great and glow. That boost of confidence you give them will always be priceless. 

Getting Tomorrow Ready 

On the 12th of April in the U.K, we witnessed a stampede of customers jubilant in their reunions with stylists. This means Freelance and mobile hairdressers/ barbers can continue working from home or get back to renting their space at salons. 

Your clients interact with you at the salon whilst you’re giving tips, tricks and advice. Post lockdown, your talent is only going to increase in value.

Whether you choose to become freelance, mobile or be employed by a salon, health, hygiene, and safety is the number one priority for keeping your clients and giving them a smooth experience wherever you work. 

Why Join Us?

Hassle-free setup and inclusive, you’ll be part of something huge in the making. We value our partners- salons, barbershops. Soon to be available, you can check out our new website and pre-register at 

With quick ways to list, manage and grow your business, book a call with one of our team members to see how we can help you. Good luck, we hope this helps!

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