Who are we

More than just a booking platform

As well as providing a seamless client-customer experience – from scheduling appointments and making enquiries, to virtual queues and contactless payments – WRENEW aims to build a community for creative professionals.

The app enables them to access vital information, keep track of turnover and customer retention via an analytics dashboard, as well as showcase their work. On the customer side, we aim to help people discover the very best industry and local stylists the hair and beauty world has to offer, be it an established salon, or a mobile hair/beauty professional.

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What Makes WRENEW Different

Powered by a passionate and diverse team of individuals, WRENEW is designed to help professionals manage their customer base, accept appointments and build their business via pioneering AI messaging technology.

With the incredible technological advances happening in adjacent (and newer, digitally native) markets, not much has changed in the hair and beauty industry. Yet salons are the bedrock of local communities and their high streets. Using technology to empower these businesses and lessen the friction for the customers they serve is at the heart of everything we do.

Meet Our Team

Richard Dawes, CEO - Wrenew

Richard Dawes


Beji Kedo, Chief Brand Officer - Wrenew

Beji Kedo

Chief Brand Officer
Marius Gulie, CTO - Wrenew

Marius Gulie

Sharon Sasidharan, U.I Designer - Wrenew

Sharon Sasidharan

U.I Designer
Paul Mercieca, Lead Frontend Developer - Wrenew

Paul Mercieca

Lead Frontend
Muto Kvatchantiradze, Software Engineer - Wrenew

Muto Kvatchantiradze

Software Engineer
Jules Blanc, Backend Developer - Wrenew

Jules Blanc

Jules Blanc
Backend Developer
Rachel Cock, COO - Wrenew

Rachel Cock

Stacey Lewis, Head of Social - Wrenew

Stacey Lewis

Head of Social
Anastasia Jefimova, Marketing - Wrenew

Anastasia Jefimova

Sarah Nadal, Marketing - Wrenew

Sarah Nadal

Charlotte Stuart, Marketing - Wrenew

Charlotte Stuart

Why join Wrenew?

Still replying to repetitive messages before appointments?

Still replying to repetitive messages before appointments?

Tired of relying on paper diaries covered in scribbles?  And had enough scrolling through endless contacts in your phone to get to the customer you want?

WRENEW aims to streamline all of this, via an innovative and unique app which allows hair and beauty professionals to connect to new and existing customers in an easy, seamlessly.